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Ex-Nuns - Make Amends (2013)

Ex-Nuns are from Perth, Western Australia, well they were. Calling it quits just as this hit the internet leaves it as all that is left of the band. Make Amends is something different from a band that was something different comprising of a bunch of guys that were very much something different. It’s one of those albums that you will either love or hate and in either instance you won’t fully understand.

Finding a grey area somewhere between emo/screamo and indie post rock (or maybe not, who cares about genres anyway) they have been compared to La Dispute and Eddie Current Suppression Ringbut that doesn’t really hit the nail on the head either so the best way to find out what you are in for is to have a listen on their bandcamp.


Starting the record is a spoken word piece (with some musical accompaniment) from a Dostoyevsky work that is followed by 7 tracks unlike anything else beginning with a “Baptism” and finishing with some “Absolution” each track offers something different. Tracks range from less than 3 minutes right up to the 8 and half minute epic “Couple D’Amoureux Sous Un Reverbere” (named from a French photo from the 1930s) that uses every instrument under the sun.


Fear & Trembling” features Tom of Grim Fandango fame (who also recorded the record and mixed the album at his infamous ”Broasis”) but my personal favourite is “Absolution” with “Redemption” (maybe just for the way the singer says coffee cup) a close second and every other song making the grade as well means that I think it’s a 5 star record but it still might be a pile of crap. It’s so tough to decide. Fuck it. 5 stars. Get it in ya!

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